Quick word about searching for data:

The important when searching for an information, is where to find it.

I hope this short list helps to clarify what is the purpose of each publisher of information (website, entity, publisher…), and the type of dataset you can find.

It’s also important to keep in mind the thematic of the data,the perspective of the analysis (financial, law, technical…) and to understand the problematic behind a data collection or agglomeration (for example what problem people are trying to solve and how these data can help?).

disclaimer: Most additions to the list are quick notes from study cases. Feel free to add any resources usefull to you and your team.

Each line tells if MISP has an import module related to it. If not, and you would like to see the integration, you can post an issue directly on the [MISP repository] (

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Database list (last update 01/30/2021)

Name link last-view label MISP module
CDTC data… 02/12/2021 Human trafficking Australia… 02/12/2021 Human trafficking US 02/12/2021 Human trafficking, child labor  
European Data Portal, Justice, Legal System and Public safety datasets 01/30/2021 justice, public safety  
FBI Cyber Most Wanted… 01/30/2021 law enforcement  
FBI Records, The Vault 01/30/2021 law enforcement, export information by industry (US)… 01/30/2021 export  
GIJN METHODE : explore data, work with data (from GIJN Global Investigative Journalism Network Helpdesk)… 01/30/2021 journalism  
Global Terrorism Database… 02/20/2021 Terrorism  
Harvard Dataverse, Human trafficking… 02/12/2021 Human trafficking  
ICIJ Offshore Leaks (International Consortium Investigative Journalists) 01/30/2021 leak  
International Aid Transparency Initiative… 01/30/2021    
Interpol Notices 01/30/2021 law enforcement  
Investigative Reporters and Editors Resources… 01/30/2021    
International Trade Administration, Consolidated Screening List (US)… 01/30/2021 trade  
Migration data portal… 02/12/2021 Human trafficking  
ONUDC DATAONUDC 29/03/2021 crime, drugs  
OCCRP Research Desk (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project) - OCCRP ID 01/30/2021 corruption, crime  
OCCRP Aleph 01/30/2021 corruption, crime  
Open-data Portals 01/30/2021    
ProPublica Data Store, Criminal Justice Datasets… 01/30/2021 justice, crime  
Respect international Counter trafficking data collaborative 02/12/2021 Human trafficking  
State of California Department of Justice, Databreach list 01/30/2021 databreach  
UCR FBI 02/12/2021 Hate crime  
Unesco Digital Library 01/30/2021    
World Bank data catalog 01/30/2021    



Name link last-view label MISP
ICD-11 International Classification of diseases 02/13/2021 cause of death